Build-A-Bear Reveals New Eevee Plushies


Gotta (build) ’em all.

Build-a-Bear Workshop will be offering a make-your-own plush Eevee starting this Thursday, September 1, the retailer has announced. You’ll be able to build and customize Eevee yourself in-store, or you can purchase the 14-in plush online. As was the case with the retailer’s Pikachu plush, Eevee will also come with a special Pokemon trading card.

A number of outfits will also be available for Pokemon‘s evolutionary swiss army knife, including Poke Ball pajamas and a cape decorated with images of all the Eeveelutions. Eevee itself will set you back $28. The pajamas can be purchases for $12.50, or you can put out $62 for the plush, a sound clip, and both outfits, along with the trading card. That package is available online only – and is available for purchase now.

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