There comes a time in every adventurer’s life when they set the war hammer down and consider the important questions. Questions like “Is it time to start a family?” and “Can I get away with building a cool enchanter’s tower on my new house?” With the new Skyrim DLC Hearthfire, the answer to those questions is “Yes.”

Hearthfire will allow you to purchase plots of land throughout Skyrim and then build and maintain your own homestead. You’ll be able to customize the layout of your new home, adding an array of rooms from kitchens to greenhouses. Furniture will also be customizable, and you’ll even be able to alter the landscape around your home with additions like fish hatcheries and gardens. And if micromanagement isn’t really your style, you can hire a steward to collect materials and furnish the house for you.

When you’re done, you can move into your new home with your spouse, and – if the fancy strikes you – even adopt children. You’ll also have opportunities to defend your home from threats ranging from pest infestations to enraged giants. I wonder if giant can send a house flying …

Like Dawnguard before it, Hearthfire will initially be exclusive to the Xbox 360. There’s no word yet on a PC or PS3 release. You’ll be able to purchase Hearthfire on September 4th for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

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