Build Endless Houses With This Fallout 4 Settlement Size Exploit

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Go nuts and build endlessly with this Fallout 4 settlement size glitch. Normally, you can only place a certain limited amount of items in any given settlement before the size meter maxes out. There’s a way to reverse the meter if you’ve got plenty of guns and a little bit of time.

Just as a warning, this is clearly not intended by the developers at Bethesda and may cause some serious slowdown if you go nuts and place too many items. Consoles and non-perfect PCs can’t handle truly endless polygons, but this is still a cool method if you’re in need of a little more space and can’t part with that crazy skyscraper tower. See how to lower the size meter without deleting anything with the steps below.

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Unlimited Settlement Size Exploit

This exploit works on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Do you love building in Fallout 4? If you enjoy decorated settlements and constructing massive structures that stretch into the sky, you’ve most likely butted heads with the annoying settlement size limitations.

For every item you place in a settlement, the size meter increases. Once the meter is in the red and completely full, you won’t be able to place any more items.

But, there’s a way to lower the size meter that allows you to place an unlimited amount of items. Obviously this might cause some serious slowdown issues on consoles, but if you need to place a few more items or want to complete the settlement with a storefront, this is a pretty easy method to shore up the space.

Settlement Size Exploit – How-To

When your settlement size turns red, here’s a way to lower it without removing any items at all.

  • 1. Collect lots of guns. Guns seem to work better than most other items. Put lots in your character’s inventory.
  • 2. Take your gun-collecting character to any settlement where you want to lower the size meter.
  • 3. Start dumping guns on the ground. Leave a big pile in one place. Just empty out your inventory of guns.
  • 4. Jump into workshop mode and select ‘Store’ to place the guns back into the workshop inventory.
  • 5. Watch your size meter. You’ll see that the size meter lowers slightly as you store each gun. Keep dropping the same guns and storing them in workshop mode until the size meter is completely lowered.

It’s just that easy, and it works on console or PC. Now you can build a massive house in the sky without mods!

This method works with the latest patch but may be removed later. Avoid downloading updates or reinstall with no patches to use this exploit in the future.

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