Build Your Own Motion-Controller Minecraft Creeper


A Minecraft fan has created the ultimate in home security devices: a motion-controlled Creeper that comes complete with hissing fuse and exploding noises.

What do you do when want to upgrade your home security situation and your landlord won’t let you have a dog? You could buy an Uzi, I suppose, but I think a better response is the one settled on by Chris of The New Hobbyist, who took the opportunity to build himself “a near-life-size Arduino powered, motion activated, audio playing, remote controllable Minecraft Creeper.”

The project involved two stages, “the electronics” and “the crafty bits.” The electronics side of the equation included an Arduino UNO [“All good projects start with an Arduino,” Chris noted], an Ada Fruit Wave Shield, an Electric Sumo CMoy Amp, a cheap remote-controller car, infrared sensor and various other electronic odds and ends. The creeper body is a simpler affair, created with cardboard boxes, paint, hot glue, masking tape and zip ties.

The net result is pretty cool. The little guy rolls forward and triggers a jarring explosion sound effect when something passes in front of it. For those who want to build their own, basic instructions and photos of the Creeper in various stages of construction are available at, along with “mostly function” code needed to make it work. And isn’t he just adorable?

via: Joystiq

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