Before working on the shooter that’ll have players firing grenades into enemy posteriors, People Can Fly had a project in the works with a more serious tone.

If People Can Fly wasn’t working on Bulletstorm, it’d probably have something similarly “extreme” in the works, right? Maybe not. Now that the studio is in the limelight for its crazy shooter collaboration with Epic Games, a video has surfaced of a very different previous project.

Artist Andrzej Rudz posted a concept video of a canceled People Can Fly game called Come Midnight that the developer presumably starting working on after the Painkiller series. According to a report by G4, it was a survival horror game slated for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Rudz’s video doesn’t show any gameplay, but it does give us a look at what appears to be a very different concept from Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm is infused with a unique sense of humor, while Come Midnight doesn’t look like it would have featured blowing up enemy private parts.

The video for Come Midnight gives me the feeling that players would have taken on the role of a hard-nosed private detective that stumbles upon something he never expected. Ghosts, or ghouls, maybe. I’d much rather throw hundreds of foes onto cacti and wing them around with an electric whip than visit that boarded-up house anyway.

Source: G4TV, via GameSetWatch

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