Bully Renamed


Rockstar’s Bully has been renamed to Canis Canem Edit in Europe.

As controversy continues over Rockstar’s upcoming PS2 title in the US, Bully has undergone a name change in Europe. Now known as Canis Canem Edit, or “Dog Eat Dog” in Latin, Rockstar has not divulged the reason for the change.

Eurogamer addressed the public outcry over the game as part of their hands-on preview. “Protagonist Jimmy Hopkins is far from mean-spirited. His actions are down to you, but you needn’t fill the vacuum with hate. Indeed, you’re encouraged not to – the game punishes the sorts of things groups like Bullying Online rightly deplore. Run around Bulworth Academy picking on people and not only will the headmaster assign you backbreaking labour – which is genuinely boring to do – and take away your toys, but nobody in the school will like you either,” they said.

There has been no indication that the name will also change in North America.

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