Bundles And Price Creating PS3 Glut?


According to NotifyWire, the high price of the PS3 and the cost of bundles is leading to a glut of online systems for sale.

“I think we’re already at the point where people won’t pay a premium for the console or be forced into buying bundles,” said Ian Drake, president of NotifyWire. “Last year we tracked several one thousand dollar Xbox 360 bundles which would sell out in less than two minutes after becoming available.”

With $1,000 bundles sitting online for up to 12 hours, Drake believes that consumers are tired of price gouging on eBay and forced bundles from big retailers. The NotifyWire website currently shows CompUSA PS3 bundles available for purchase – provided you buy a combination of 10 games and accessories.

A quick glance at eBay shows PS3 units selling at just above retail price; some are even going at a slight loss.


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