Bungie might not be making any new Halo games any time soon, but it’s not ready to completely close the door on the series just yet.

Halo: Reach might be the Bungie’s last Halo game for now, but it might not be its last Halo game ever, at least not according to lead multiplayer designer Lars Bakken.

“As far as right now, currently, yes. [Reach] is our last Halo Bungie game,” Bakken said. “Now, in the future, who knows? You can never say never, because things change. Maybe ten years down the line we decide to make another Halo game, but for right now, yes, this is it for us.”

Bungie has previously been unwilling to say definitively whether Reach was its final game in the series, and while it isn’t exactly deluging us with information, it is at least being more specific with its non-committal responses.

Halo: Reach is released this Fall for Xbox 360.

Source: VG247

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