Bungie has made it very clear that it’s not ready to talk about Halo Reach just yet.

Speaking at PAX this week, Bungie made it crystal clear that it’s not ready to speak about Halo: Reach, not before Halo: ODST sees the light of day at least.

“Obviously right now what we’re excited about is the impending launch of ODST, so we don’t want to totally start talking about next year’s model before this one’s even off the assembly line,” said community leader Brian Jarrard, “but there is a beta that’s coming next year, so all you’ve got to do is sit tight. If you want to be part of Reach from the very beginning then you want to make sure you keep an ODST disc handy.”

Bungie also made it clear that DLC for ODST was not a priority and that their focus was on finishing Reach for its release in late 2010, with Jarrard commenting, “The team’s working really hard on another really huge game coming out next fall”

Source: Eurogamer

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