Bungie might be looking to get away from the Halo franchise, but it’s not going to forget about it right away.

Don’t be too worried about Halo: Reach going wild after being released from Bungie’s pen, the developer has pledged to support the game post-launch. Though Halo will be in the sole custody of Microsoft when Bungie eventually departs for the company of Activision, Halo: Reach players won’t be abandoned like an ugly duckling.

In an interview with Develop, Bungie community director Brian Jarrard said: “Microsoft still owns the Halo IP – but we will still support Reach post-release and we have a great relationship with our community, so we want to make sure we keep the game going.”

Bungie has stated that it expects Reach to be the definitive Halo title, so it’s nice that they won’t be giving up on it like they were forced to for Halo 2. According to Jarrard: “There will be some portion of the studio focused on Halo: Reach … But beyond that we will not be working on any more Halo – we will be completely focused on bringing our next universe to light.”

“From there Microsoft will take the Halo universe in the direction they see fit,” he reveals. He also says Bungie is “approaching Reach as our final Halo game” and that it is “[pulling] out all the stops,” though the developer is definitely looking forward to doing something new over at Activision. Still, it appears that Halo will always be in Bungie’s hearts, even though it’s going to be left in the past like Marathon. For now at least, if xxNoobKillerxx is exploiting a cheat, Bungie will be there to help.

Source: Develop via Vg247

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