It’s time to meet the neighbors.

Destiny, the next project from Bungie, promises a lot of impressive features: an interplanetary persistent world, on-the-fly cooperative multiplayer, and customizable ships and gear, to name a few. It’s easy to get so caught up with those gameplay elements that you might forget to appreciate the art direction that has gone into realizing Bungie’s brave new world and the people sentients that live in it. As a helpful reminder, Bungie released a Character Development reel at GDC 2013, showing the evolution of some of Destiny‘s distinctive inhabitants.

The video walks us from concept art to animated character models, highlighting several of the species you’ll run into in the game. The robotic Vex, four-armed Fallen, humongous Cabal, and feral Hive all make appearances, as well as the three announced characters classes for players. The background music swells as we get an up-close look at the choices for your customizable Guardian: the powerful Titan, the enigmatic Warlock, and the furtive Hunter.

There isn’t a lot of gameplay information to glean from the dramatic angles of this teaser, but the loadouts of each of the Guardian classes appear to boil down to the fighter/mage/thief archetypes. The alien races provide considerably more interesting eye candy. Destiny is set in a future where violent alien species have pushed the once-mighty humans back to a single city on Earth, leaving the rest of the galaxy overrun by mysterious hostile creatures. You’ll likely exchange more than unkind words with these species and others as you travel around the solar system defending humanity.

Destiny will launch for PlayStation 4, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime after 2013. Once it does, Bungie wants to keep you interested in its living universe for the next ten years.

Source: YouTube

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