Bungie’s Break from Microsoft Sets Up “World Domination” Push


Now that Bungie is free from Microsoft’s iron fist, the studio is forging an iron fist of its own.

Did you think that Bungie’s rule over the players of Halo: Reach would be enough for the developer now that it’s earned some freedom by moving from Microsoft to Activision? Definitely not. In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Bungie has revealed that it has much bigger plans.

When asked how things have changed since the big move, Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard let slip the studio’s secret goal beyond videogame development. “For the most part, day to day development within Bungie hasn’t changed since the studio divested from Microsoft,” he first alleged.

Next, he said: “If anything, the return to our independent roots has reinvigorated the team and been a renewed source of inspiration.” Jarrard talked about Bungie’s next project as one that will “spawn new tales and experiences that we look forward to sharing with our fans throughout the next decade, building on Bungie’s pedigree for great stories, best in breed gameplay, technical innovation and community integration.”

He basically toted the company line, until he said in passing that Bungie would also “continue pushing towards world domination.” Uh-oh. You might think the company isn’t capable of deposing the world’s leaders, but with its connections at Microsoft and now Activision, anything’s possible. It’s great that Bungie’s departure has jump-started its sense of pride in future projects, but not if that means we’ll have to be living under the heel of rulers dressed in power armor.

Source: OXM

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