Burger King Games Raise Profits


The success of the Burger King games had a significant effect on the company’s bottom line.

A month after Burger King announced that served over two million Xbox games, the fast food chain released its quarterly earnings report. Second quarter profits jumped 41 percent from the previous year and net income reached $38 million. The final tally for copies of King Games’ three titles, sold exclusively through the restaurant chain, reached over 3.2 million sold.

John Chidsey, CEO of Burger King Holdings Inc., specified lower-priced value meal items and the successful sales of its three Burger King games as the causes for increased traffic to the restaurants. “Our brand and our great food continue to resonate with our restaurant guests. Specifically, our BK Value Menu, as well as our innovative Xbox game collection–which was the best-selling video game of the holiday season, with more than 3.2 million copies sold–increased both sales and restaurant traffic.”

Shares of Burger King Holdings Inc. reached a high of $21.50 yesterday and closed at $20.85, up half a percent for the day.

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