Burger King to Release Cheap XBox Games


Burger King will be offering XBox and XBox 360 games with the purchase of value meals.

As part of a new advertising campaign, the popular Burger King franchise will be offering three brand new XBox and XBox 360 titles for sale at the restaurant’s franchises. All three games will be rated E and cost $3.99 with the purchase of any value meal. This offer extends from November 19 until December 24.

The first title, Sneak King, allows players to “step into the King’s royal shoes and use cunning stealth to sneak up behind unsuspecting people and bestow them with a delicious meal.” A bumper car title, Big Bumpin’, offers the King, a guy in a hamburger suit, the Subservient Chicken, and one-time Playboy model Brooke Burke as playable characters, along with online XBox LIVE play for four players. Lastly, Pocket Bike Racers features eight-player online bike racing, featuring “enhancements” and “tools” as weapons and items.

Sources: Forbes and Joystiq

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