The latest entrant in Sony’s “It Only Does Everything” ad campaign for the PS3 Slim suggests that if you fail to buy your family a PS3, your wife and kids will leave you for Sony Director Kevin Butler.

Have I mentioned that I love this ad campaign? Oh, right, I have. Good thing, too, because I’m just going to reiterate – there are bad advertisements and there are good advertisements, and these recent commercials for Sony’s PS3 redesign fall squarely on the “good” end of the spectrum.

Now, perhaps I’m reading too much into this. Perhaps hapless Aaron Howe (Desperate Father)’s failure to purchase his family a PlayStation 3 merely leads his children and wife to go spend time at Sony because it’s so awesome there, and they’ll return as soon as Howe gets with the program, but I’m not entirely sure. After all, was that puppy theirs to begin with, or is Sony “Family Activities Director” Kevin Butler wooing the man’s wife with gifts like adorable slurp-tastic canines?

There’s definitely a chemistry there, for sure. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there in PS3-less-ville: Don’t trust Kevin Butler.

While this doesn’t beat Dokken vs. Chicken as the best ad of the week, it’s certainly up there.

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