EA hatches yet another plan to coerce us into early adoption.

Although it still doesn’t have anything resembling a release date, Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming sooner than later … for some of us, anyway. Reserving BioWare’s MMO scores early adopters entry into the galaxy far, far away before those willing to wait it out. Naturally, this comes with a catch.

Buying the game now earns you an “early access” code, a line of letters and numbers that guarantees a spot on the entry list when redeemed online. The codes will grant admission in the order they’re redeemed, and the sooner you buy, the faster and more likely you are to play before everyone else. Considering how well The Old Republic is selling on Origin, you might want to jump on this.

What’s more, EA and BioWare have a devilishly clever scheme to encourage anxious buyers: The publisher and developer are limiting the launch release of The Old Republic. Once EA hits the quantity cap of retail and digital purchases, TOR will temporarily close itself off. If you don’t opt to buy it now, you’ll need to wait an unknown amount of time before the game opens up again.

No release date has been announced for The Old Republic.

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