Buy the New Alice Game, Get the Original for Free


It’s been a long time coming, but console gamers will finally get to experience the delights Alice’s first outing in her twisted Wonderland.

Poor Alice: It’s bad enough that her grasp on reality has started to get a little shaky again, but to make matters worse, it’s dredging up all kinds of old memories. Specifically, the memories of the events of American McGee’s AliceMadness Returns’ predecessor – which is coming to consoles as a bonus for purchasers of the new game.

The original game came out for the PC in 2000. As with Madness Returns, it was a darker and more violent interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass stories, where the once whimsical world of Wonderland had been warped and twisted by Alice’s own troubled mind. The game was supposed to come to the PS2, but unfortunately never quite made it, making it the sole purview of PC gamers for more than a decade.

The release of Madness Returns will change all that though, as American McGee said that people who buy the game will receive a code that will allow them to download the original game as well. McGee didn’t say anything about the game being available to those who hadn’t purchased Madness Returns, but it’s hard to imagine EA keeping it completely exclusive. As well as the first game, Madness Returns will feature downloadable dresses which will grant Alice new abilities and “enhance” the way players make their way through the game. Exactly how these will work isn’t clear however.

Alice: Madness Returns comes out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 14th in North America and June 16th in Europe.

Source: CVG

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