A roadside park in Ohio is selling off its collection of fiberglass dinosaurs at bargain prices.

Located in Marblehead, Ohio, the Prehistoric Forest has been a popular family attraction since the 1950s, offering visitors a chance to explore the woods while encountering long-extinct beasts such as the Stegosaurus. Sadly, however, the roadside attraction closed down permanently when its owners retired this past year, but is looking to sell off some of the replica dinosaurs and ancient mammals which used to populate the park’s forest.

For just a few thousand dollars, you could become the proud owner of a giant three-toed sloth, which at ten feet in height is “Approximately the size of the real prehistoric sloth that lived,” or an Apatosaurus standing over seven feet tall. Other items available in the sale include a 2 ½ foot-tall baby T-Rex, a floating Plesiosaurus with moving flippers, and a massive, 12 foot parrot available to the best offer.

You can check out the Prehistoric Forest’s liquidation sale selections here and here if you happen to have the cash and the space for a giant sloth. I, for one, am definitely recommending to my co-workers here at The Escapist that we invest in the water spraying Mastodon to ward off unwanted visitors.

Source: io9

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