Buy Zune Tunes with Microsoft Points


Next Generation has reported that users will be able to purchase music for Microsoft’s upcoming portable music player, Zune, with Microsoft Points.

With an expected price point of 79 Microsoft Points per track, comparable to iTunes usual 99 cents per track fee, users will be able to buy music with the digital currency currently used on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase Xbox Live Arcade games and special online content.

The move is further evidence of planned interconnectivity between Zune and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. According to a spokesperson for Microsoft, “You can plug your Zune device into your Xbox 360 to stream music, pictures, and video, via USB cable, to enjoy all your Zune content on the TV in your living room.” The move to so closely tie the purchasing of music with the gaming marketplace seems to open the door on a variety of interesting possibilities, though Microsoft is not commenting at this time.

The Zune is expected to launch in the U.S. on November 14 for $249.99, and offers the ability to transfer media files between Zunes by WiFi as a key feature.

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