The Canadian Tax Authorities descended upon game maker Gallant like a ton of bricks.

Many people are frustrated by their jobs. David S. Gallant, former call center worker – aka numb meat popsicle – for the Canada Revenue Authority, took his frustrations one step further, and made a game, I Get This Call Every Day. When his bosses found out, Gallant got canned.

It came all the way from the top. “The Minister [National Revenue Minister, Gail Shea] considers this type of conduct offensive and completely unacceptable,” said an official spokesman to The Star. “The Minister has asked the Commissioner (of Revenue, Andrew Treusch) to investigate and take any and all necessary corrective action. The Minister has asked the CRA to investigate urgently to ensure no confidential taxpayer information was compromised.”

So Shea has no sense of humor whatsoever – perhaps that isn’t one of the attributes a tax enforcer needs – and Gallant is out of work. However he’s not out of luck; sales of his call center game have gone through the roof. “I have an incredible opportunity now,” Gallant Tweeted, “and I have received a massive outpouring of support. I am so thankful.”

If you want to have a shot at living Gallant’s life, in game form, go here; if you’d like to buy I Get This Call Every Day, and maybe even vote for Gallant’s Greenlight on Steam, go here.

Source: David S. Gallant

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