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The Haunting of Verdansk Comes to Warzone & Modern Warfare with Saw & Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Haunting of Verdansk Leatherface Texas Chinsaw Massacre Saw Call of Duty: Warzone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting a special Halloween event called The Haunting of Verdansk, based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. It has furthermore teased a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, and signing up for updates on that film will grant you a code for an exclusive Call of Duty calling card.

A limited-time Zombie Royale mode will be active in Warzone. Dead Operators will resurrect as zombies instead of being sent to the Gulag. Zombie Operators have a bevy of increased abilities, including to speed, jump range, melee damage, and even thermal vision.

Beyond The Haunting of Verdansk, two new modes will be added to multiplayer, Onslaughter and Sniper Rifles. In Juggernaut, Squads need to take control of a suit and make their way towards a goal area. It’ll take quite a bit of firepower to take down someone who is in a Juggernaut suit. Snipers Only is a variant of Team Deathmatch where players can select between pre-built and existing loadouts.

The latest update also introduces the JAK-12 shotgun. It can fire 8 Round FRAG-12 Mags without setting off Trophy Systems, as well as hold 32-Round Drum Mags, “the largest capacity magazine for any shotgun in the game.”

A Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle will provide the Leatherface skin for Velikan, the Family Heirloom LMG blueprint, and a unique Stock attachment that allows operators to wield their weapons as they would a chainsaw. An “Anybody Home?” melee blueprint, an SMG blueprint, a vehicle horn, and more will be part of this bundle.

Meanwhile, a SAW bundle will include The Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment and a Billy the Puppet skin for Morte. There will also be two weapon blueprints for an assault rifle and shotgun respectively, a Cargo Truck skin, a tricycle Charm, and other SAW content.

Lastly, there is a bundle called Dr. Karlov Lives, and it focuses on Dr. Karlov’s obsession with electricity. It includes a skin for Bale, two “high-voltage” weapon blueprints, an electric Throwing Knife, and more. A Ghost: Grim Reaper bundle will be available as well, which has a Ghost skin, two “soul-stealing” weapon blueprints, plus a Mace: Dia de los Muertos bundle to come ahead of the Day of the Dead.

The Haunting of Verdansk will last from Oct. 20 until Nov. 3 as part of Season Six’s content drop. It looks like both Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are still being supported, even though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is on track to release next month.

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