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Ever since Fire Emblem Awakening, the series has had support conversations and the ability to woo, gift, and marry your Fire Emblem crush, though the ability to be gay in Fire Emblem has been a bit limited. If you’ve been wondering if you can be gay in Fire Emblem Engage, here’s your answer.

You Can Kind of Be Gay in Fire Emblem Engage, but Not Really

Fire Emblem Engage’s lead protagonist and player insert, Alear, can be male or female based on the player’s choice. But unlike in Fire Emblem: Three Houses where Byleth could be gay, bi, or even in a basic heterosexual marriage, Engage’s gay protagonist options are even more limited.

While the relationship support systems are back, and Alear can unlock new story elements with the wide assortment of party members, Fire Emblem Engage removes the romantic final stage of support in exchange for the option to choose a party member to give a Pact Ring. And while Alear and the chosen character will share some silly heartfelt dialogue with its own cute mush, none of these are particularly romantic, let alone an engagement.

This means that being gay in Fire Emblem Engage in many ways comes down to the player perspective — and head canon of the particular conversation. After a Pact Ring support is unlocked, there’s no child that is birthed into the party or any romantic sidequest or Paralogue mission. But where Fire Emblem Engage improves from previous titles is Alear is at least able to choose any party member, regardless of their gender.

However, while the series has been lovingly given the nickname of “horny chess” because of its many smoking-hot characters, many will be disappointed to learn that Fire Emblem Engage’s lead character, and the rest of its cast for that matter, all share more of a platonic friendship than anything that could be seen as romantic, let alone clearly gay.

For now, this is Fire Emblem Engage, unfortunately not Fire Emblem Get Engaged. But even so, Alear has the option, like so many mid-1900s protagonists, to have a really close guy or girl who acts as a very close friend.

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