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Can You Drive in Dead Island 2?

Can you drive in Dead Island 2?

The original Dead Island let you mow down zombies in a variety of vehicles, so you might expect Dead Island 2 to follow suit. Why go head-to-head with the living dead when you can introduce them to the business end of a beach buggy? If you’re wondering whether or not you can drive in Dead Island 2, here’s the answer. 

Which Vehicles, If Any, Can You Drive in Dead Island 2?

If you were looking forward to mowing down the dead, we’ve got bad news for you. Dead Island 2 gives you a lot of ways to dispatch zombies — including guns — but running them down is not one of them. Unlike the original, there are absolutely no driveable vehicles in Dead Island 2.

Sure, you’ll see plenty of vehicles scattered around, including some particularly hefty vans. Sometimes you can plunder their trunks for goodies or clamber atop them to get out of the way of the living dead, but they’re just scenery. 

You can’t get in a vehicle and drive, even though a lot of them look as though it should be possible.

So Why Can’t You Drive in Dead Island 2?

There are a few dialog lines about cars not being an option, but there’s no concrete reason provided as to why. The first few levels feature pretty narrow streets, but other areas have more enough room for a car to get around. At least, they would if you were allowed to drive.

There was actually an earlier version of Dead Island 2 where it was possible. If you’re not aware of the torrid history of the game’s development, Dambuster Studios is the third team to handle the game. One of the earliest builds (from 2015) was leaked a while ago and featured a driveable buggy

If you do want to drive over zombies we’d recommend the Dead Rising games, in particular Dead Rising 3 on PC and Xbox. That game not only gives you cars to play with, it lets you modify them too. 

But on the subject of whether you can drive in Dead Island 2 (and run over the living dead) the answer is no. 

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