Here is the answer to if you can skip cutscenes in the Dead Space remake, including if it is possible during New Game+ mode.

There’s a lot going on in the Dead Space remake, often accompanied by a heaping helping of gore. But what if you want to bypass the game’s story entirely, or if you’ve already seen a cutscene before? Here is the answer to if you can skip cutscenes in the Dead Space remake.

You Can’t Skip Cutscenes in the Dead Space Remake, Even in New Game+

The answer is, surprisingly, no. Yes, some games — such as Deliver Us Mars — let you skip cutscenes on your first play. Some others let you skip scenes you’ve already seen if, for example, you’re playing a game the second time through. Skippable cutscenes have almost become an industry standard.

However, the Dead Space remake won’t let you do it, no matter how many times you’ve played the game. The cutscenes use the in-game engine, but that alone doesn’t seem like a good reason for forcing you to rewatch them.

Hang on… isn’t there a feature that blocks disturbing scenes — maybe that’s a workaround? Unfortunately not. Those scenes still happen; they’re just blurred — and they take the same amount of time to conclude. So, even if you’ve seen Character X get skewered a hundred times, you’re still going to have to sit through it, blurred or unblurred.

Could cutscene skipping be patched in later? It’s certainly possible. But for now, you can’t skip cutscenes in the Dead Space remake. Fortunately, this game is a vast upgrade of the original in terms of writing and general atmosphere.

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