Here is a list of all of the voice actors in Deliver Us Mars from KeokeN Interactive, including Ellise Chappell & Neil Newbon.

Deliver Us Mars, which sees you arriving on the red planet with a personal and global agenda, wouldn’t be the same without some excellent vocal and motion-captured performances. But just who are the voice actors in developer KeokeN’s Deliver Us Mars?

A List of All Voice Actors in Deliver Us Mars

The characters and their respective actors are as follows:

  • Kathy Johanson – Ellise Chappell (motion capture and voice)
  • Isaac Johanson – Neil Newbon (motion capture and voice)
  • Claire Johanson – Bryony Tebbutt (motion capture and voice)
  • Sarah Baker – Nicole Tompkins (motion capture and voice)
  • Ryan Delyanin – Danny Ashok (motion capture and voice)
  • Young Kathy – Luisa Guerreiro (motion capture), Annabelle Field (voice)
  • Rosa Laverde/Maria Gonzalez – Ariel Lichtenstein (voice)
  • William McArthur – Edward Reekers (voice)
  • Liz Johanson/System Voice/Additional Voices (voice) – Nola Klop
  • Additional Voices – Joshua Sklar (voice)
  • Museum Guide – Jed Milton (voice)

A few of those names might sound familiar. Nicole Tompkins, for example, voiced Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake. She also did all the motion capture, though Russian model Sasha Zotova served as Jill’s face model.

Ellise Chappell, who plays protagonist Kathy Johanson, was Morwenna in the BBC’s book-based period drama Poldark. Edward Reekers, who plays William McArthur, not only has the best name ever, but he is also the lead singer of Dutch rock band Kayak. And Neil Newbon, aside from playing Isaac Johanson, also co-directed the game’s performances. He was Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village and Zeon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Deliver Us Mars doesn’t have a huge cast, but that makes sense as you are setting foot on a largely uninhabited planet. But the good news is you’re not going to turn the corner and discover that your protagonist’s sister has the same voice as every third space colonist. Yes, we’re looking at you, Skyrim.

And those are all the voice actors in Deliver Us Mars.

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