Cannibal Movie The Green Inferno No Longer Slated for September


Open Road Films no longer premiering The Green Inferno on September 5th.

The Green Inferno, a movie directed by Eli Roth, has just been pulled from its intended September 5th release date. Open Road Films made the decision to push back the release just three weeks before the movie was meant to hit theaters.

Showbiz411 states that “they just don’t have the money to pay for the release.” This coincides with recent reports that Worldview Entertainment, the company financing the movie, has been suffering from financial woes. CEO Christopher Woodrow was forced to step down in June for alleged personal misconduct.

Eli Roth took to Twitter to inform his fans they’re working diligently to get the movie back on track.

Roth is a director best known for his horror movie series Hostel and Cabin Fever. His latest project The Green Inferno depicts the struggles a group of student activists go through after crash landing in the middle of the Amazon jungle and encountering a cannibal tribe. It’s inspired by the Italian cannibal film Cannibal Holocaust.

Source: IGN

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