The developers think it’ll be another nine months before this one’s fully boiled.

The last time we heard anything of steampunk colonization charmer Clockwork Empires it didn’t have a release date, and it still doesn’t, but if you fancy a go and have $29.99 burning a hole in your pocket it’s out on Steam early access. Want to know how to build the best colony ever? Have a look at this instructional video for aspiring Junior Bureaucrats, and remember, a happy colonist is a well-fed colonist. Whatever you end up feeding him.

“We’ll release the game when these [final] features are done,” says developer Gaslamp Games. The final version will have more monsters, character interaction, vehicles, events – more stuff, basically – and “current estimate for their completion is about nine months.”

Right now, should you go for early access, you can build a colony out of a pile of supplies with a handful of characters. Starvation’s a problem, and monsters, Johnny Fishman included, are out there waiting for their chance to chow down on your hapless colonists.

There’s more than a touch of Lovecraft, and if you’ve ever played Dwarf Fortress, you’ll know what to expect from your dunder-headed colonists. They each have personalities all their own, and your management will determine whether they remain happy or turn miserable. Miserable enough to kill? Maybe. Dispose of your viscera in a sanitary manner, and all will be well, Junior Bureaucrat!

For those of you wondering about the price tag, $29.99 will remain the fee before and after early access. Gaslamp Games feels that changing the price after release would be confusing for everyone. If this sounds intriguing, there’s a development progress blog over here you may want to pay attention to.

Source: Steam

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