Capcom Announces Lost Planet 2


The sequel to Capcom’s frost-bound third-person shooter was announced via an Xbox Live trailer today, revealing new jungle environments, three-person co-op and lots and lots of explosions.

While Lost Planet 1 was trapped in the Ice Age, it looks like planet E.D.N.III has suffered a “massive change in climate,” leading to the creation of a variety of new environments, including a tropical jungle full of raging rivers and lush canopies. The trailer teases other environments as well, so maybe we’ll get a desert or a cornfield, too.

Naturally, the jungle is full of bad guys, and Lost Planet 2 seems to take essentially the same approach as its prequel when it comes to disposing of them. Shoot at them, throw a grenade, watch the pretty explosion effect. Capcom’s also taking some inspiration from third-person shooter supreme Gears of War 2 – in the trailer one of the characters uses a shield that he sticks into the ground, where it expands into a chest-high wall that he then uses as cover.

Speaking of characters, seems like we’ll be meeting a menagerie of them over the course of the game. Instead of focusing on a single protagonist, Lost Planet 2 will tell its story from the perspectives of multiple “Snow Pirates” on E.D.N.III. Though I guess if they live in the jungle they should be Jungle Pirates.

The big sell, though, looks to be a robust co-op mode. Capcom says that the number one fan request after Lost Planet 1 was co-op, and, while two-player might’ve been nice, Capcom wants to be even nicer and is making Lost Planet 2 co-op a party for three. In the trailer it looks like you can ride a huge mech with three onboard: one pilot and two gunners on either arm. There’s also a scene with a face-off against a giant alien with three tongues. The character on screen uses a grappling hook to zip up on top of the thing’s back and shoot its weakspot to find that his teammate’s already had the same idea.

You can check out the announcement trailer on Xbox Live.


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