Capcom Details Super Street Fighter IV: AE v.2012 Patch


December 13 will see a huge patch for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Via trailer and massive .pdf Capcom has laid out what’s in store.

Dubbed Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012, the verbosely-titled update brings with it a frankly huge number of changes to the fighter. Granted, that includes no new characters or levels, but the host of changes to the existing cast will greatly affect the overall feel of the game as well as how it’s played.

Read: Yun and Yang will no longer be the only viable characters.

That video embedded at top-right offers a nice primer on the changes, but to see the full scope of what Capcom’s done, you’ll have to have a look at this recently-released .pdf file that explains the alterations to each of the game’s characters in detail.

While this sort of transparency is unheard of in the world of fighting game upgrades — in the past changes like this were a mystery until players themselves put in the effort to discover them — rumors are already swirling that the massive .pdf doesn’t include the full scope of Capcom’s changes.

Professional SSFIV player Kim1234 recently tweeted the following:

There are hidden buffs and nerfs in AE 2012. Bison’s ex psycho often whiffs from full screen ish distance.Headstomp trades a lot in the air.

So while Capcom (specifically the company’s fighting game guru Seth Killian) deserves a high-five for its efforts to enlighten players, it would seem that the firm still has a few secrets hidden up the sleeves of its gi.

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