Like an old prizefighter who doesn’t know when to quit, Capcom says there will be more live-action Street Fighter movies in the future and that someday they might actually make one that doesn’t suck.

Remember that hilariously awful 1994 version of Street Fighter that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme that’s best remembered, usually with a hint of ironic sadness, as Raul Julia’s last movie? And then the much-hyped 2009 Kristen Kreuk vehicle Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li that actually managed to make the Van Damme flick look not so bad after all? That’s the kind of track record that would tempt most people to throw in the towel, but not Capcom’s Christian Svensson. He’s just getting started.

“There’s a book to be written there. This is where I have to be careful,” Svensson, Capcom’s vice president of strategic planning and business development, said when asked why the Resident Evil films do relatively well while the Street Fighter movies have been more akin to flaming bags of dog poop left on the vice-principal’s front porch. “Let’s just say there were a lot of people with different ideas as to what was the best route to take with [The Legend of Chun-Li]. A path was chosen, a result was had.”

“A result was had” probably isn’t the most heartfelt endorsement you’ll hear all day but Svensson did claim that the movie had some value, even if only as an object lesson in what to avoid in future Street Fighter films – and yes, there will be future Street Fighter films. “I think there are some learnings internally that we’ve taken away from that experience,” he said. “I think you’ll see some clever live-action stuff that will excite our fans at some point in the future, based on Street Fighter. Let’s just say that the book is not yet done on Street Fighter film and video projects.”

In spite of his optimism, Svensson also allowed a sliver of awesomely brutal honesty to shine through, revealing that his expectations for the future are, you might say, a little limited. “Hopefully we get one right sometime in the future,” he said.


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