The evidence couldn’t be more clear: Capcom has ported Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to Apple’s iPhone for an obscenely low price.

It seems that Capcom is trying to get Shuu Takumi’s excellent Ace Attorney games onto as many platforms as possible: First, the Phoenix Wright trilogy showed up on WiiWare, and now the underdog defense attorney will be making his debut on the iPhone, reports Videogamer.

Given that the games were developed for the Nintendo DS (well, they were originally GBA games that were given DS functionality), the point-and-touch gameplay does seem like a perfect fit for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Best of all, I don’t think anyone out there will have any objections to the price: The full, feature-complete first game will only ring you £2.99/$4.99. Yes, you heard that right – you can get one of the most highly-acclaimed games on the DS for under five bucks. That’s one hell of a steal, especially considering I’ve bought PW:AA at least three times at full price.

No word on if Capcom will be porting Justice For All and Trials & Tribulations, though you can bet that it’ll be a lot more likely if this game sells well. Since those two games are awesome, we can only hope that iPhone owners get them both. You can keep Apollo Justice, though.

But don’t just take it from me. Have Phoenix tell you himself.

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