Capcom’s April Fools’ Joke Turns Ace Attorney Characters Into Dogs


A Japanese word-pun leads to all of the characters in the upcoming Ace Attorney game being transformed into dogs.

It may still be March 31 over in America, but here in the land of the rising sun, the annual day of foolery has already begun, and Japanese developer Capcom is leading the charge with “Dog Ace Attorney“. The joke comes from a Japanese word pun – the Japanese name for the upcoming Ace Attorney game set in the Meiji era is 大逆転裁判, or “Great Gyakuten Saiban”. If you change the very first character slightly, from 大 to 犬, it becomes 犬逆転裁判 – “Dog Gyakuten Saiban”.

Check out the adorable fake trailer to the right, featuring furry investigators and lawyers such as “Sherlock Hound” and “Inu (dog) hodou Ryuuichi”. It definetely falls into the category of “April fools jokes that we really wish were real”.

While traditionally, April Fools day has been a predominantly western tradition, Japan has been really expressing its jokey side in recent years. April 1 is the start of the school year in Japan, so many senior students in particular love to prank their new schoolmates.

Check out the best of last year’s Japanese April Fools jokes, and stay tuned as we pick out the best of this year’s offerings throughout the day!

Source: YouTube

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