Captain America‘s Chris Evans Ready to Leave Acting for Directing

Captain America Winter Soldier

Chris Evans will finish his six-movie contract with Marvel as Captain America‘s titular superhero, but he doesn’t see himself acting outside the Marvel universe.

Don’t expect to see Chris Evans in future roles other than Captain America‘s titular superhero; Evans plans to leave his acting career in pursuit of directing, he told Variety.

Evans has three more films to do for a six-movie deal he signed on to do with Marvel. He’s said in the past that he is not as proactive about exploring acting jobs outside of the Marvel universe and enjoyed his first experience directing. Now Evans has told Variety that he wants to do more than take a break from acting after his contract with Marvel is finished; he wants to retire from being in front of the camera.

“I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct,” Evans said. “But [time] never really opens up. There’s another movie to do, there’s another acting job. It just got to a point where I was like, you know what — I have to do this.”

Still, Evans is thankful for his superhero role. He gained world recognition as Captain America, which helped grant him an audience for his directing endeavors so far. Evans most recently directed 1:30 Train during his winter hiatus from Marvel.

When Marvel first approached Evans with the role, he turned it down. “The problem was initially, it was a nine-movie contract,” he said. “And they said, if these movies take off and do very well, and my life changes and I don’t respond well, I don’t have the opportunity to say, listen, I need a fucking break. That just scared me.”

Evans bets that he’ll be finished being a superhero in 2017 – a year he said sounds so far away. He admits in five years he might miss acting, but for now he wants to be behind the camera.

Source: Variety

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