Captain Seeks Crew for Steampunk Dirigible Combat


Guns of Icarus has you exploring a steampunk post-apocalypse world in your dirigible – but beware pirates!

Steampunk and co-op enthusiasts rejoice, for Guns of Icarus Online has something to tickle your fancy: dirigible versus dirigible combat, far up in the skies above a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beat pirates off with hooks, flamethrowers and the mysterious but powerful Tesla weapon … but bear in mind it’s a looooong way down and parachutes don’t seem to be on the equipment list, so get them before they get you. You don’t want to end up on the ground; they don’t call it the Burnt Earth for nothing.

Guns of Icarus is team-based co-op, with three character classes: Captain, Gunner and Engineer. The Captain steers the ship, the gunner keeps enemies at bay and the engineer – not unlike the Healer in an MMO raid – is the one who’ll get blamed when it all goes wrong. You take your ship and crew through the wastes to perform missions, perhaps defending (or attacking) a town, or collecting water for your people. Pirates abound, as do other players, and your best bet for making sure the job gets done is shooting faster and more accurately than the other fella.

Though the game may resemble an MMO, this is actually an always-online co-op with some open world tropes. “We set out to innovate and make a game that doesn’t fit into any established genres,” says the developer Muse Games’ FAQ. “The flipside of that is, we don’t quite know what to call it!” However there will be no subscription fee, just a one-off retail purchase with in-game monetization elements.

Guns of Icarus will launch October 29th. Preorders can be had via Steam which may appeal to those interested in collector’s editions and soundtracks, but there’s a different deal available for an earlier version of the game on Muse Games’ site.

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