Cards Against Humanity teamed up with two independent game developers to make a game about hooking up with friends.

Cards Against Humanity is that fun party game where you and your friends get to laugh about horrible things. Deemed “a party game for horrible people,” it’s not surprising that the creators of that party game have also helped make a sex party game called Clusterfuck.

Clusterfuck first appeared today as a part of Cards Against Humanity‘s 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit, in which 100,000 people paid $12 to receive 12 unknown gifts over 12 days. The creators of the party game worked with independent game developers Zach Gage and Doug Wilson to make Clusterfuck, which is available for download as a PDF from the game’s website.

The objective of Clusterfuck is to either have sex three times or have one threesome. To play the game, players pass notes to each other in complete silence, giving way for plenty of nonverbal communication. Examples of cards read “Pass a card to your left if you think I’m hot!” and “That jerk isn’t into threesomes. Let’s just fuck each other.” This phase ends when someone whose turn it is to pass a note says, “My body is ready!” Then all players close their eyes and point to the person or people they want to hook up with. Two players pointing exclusively to each other earn one point. If three players point to one another, they form a threesome and win three points, winning the game. Players can break up the threesome by giving the middle finger to a suspected trio while eyes are still closed. If this is successful, the person who broke up the threesome earns two points while the trio earns none. There are optional rules concerning Chlamydia and ogling, which you can read about in the game’s official rules.

What a wonderful way to kick off family gatherings and the holidays.

Source: Clusterfuck, 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit

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