Castle Crashers Coming to PS3


The Behemoth spilled the beans on their works in progress at Comic-Con today: a PS3 version of XBLA fave Castle Crashers and their enigmatic “Game 3,” which sounds like some sort of competitive 2D action-platformer.

It’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of Castle Crashers‘ release on Xbox Live Arcade, and finally The Behemoth has some good news for PS3 owners: You too will know the delight of smashing bad guys and fighting giant cats, sometime in the undetermined future. Yes, Castle Crashers is coming to PS3, though The Behemoth won’t say when. Early reports are saying the game’s basically identical to the XBLA version thus far. The Behemoth is mum on whether or not there will be new or exclusive content.

On the other hand, another future Behemoth title does have some sort of solid time frame for release (2010): the studio’s work-in-progress project only known thus far as “Game 3.” There have been teases and trailers for this one, but it’s actually playable now at Comic-Con.

It’s apparently a competitive-oriented action-platformer where you gather a whole bunch of players in a 2D stage and try to complete a certain goal: collecting gold, tagging walls with your team color, and uh, jumping on opponents’ heads to extract their souls and get points?

The twist here is that you get to customize your approach by picking certain items to bring into battle, like fireballs, iceballs, boomerangs and more. Other wacky skills, which no doubt represent but the tip of the iceberg, include the ability to do slide tackles and, as GameSpot describes it, “pose like a statue to harm enemies.” Sounds neat – hopefully we’ll hear more about it before long.

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