A new DLC character for Castle Crashers will kick ass while also helping out a good cause.

Downloadable content might get a bad rap at times, but nobody can hate on Behemoth’s new DLC pack for Castle Crashers. The Pink Knight Pack includes a brand new character, with all of the DLC’s revenue going toward breast cancer research.

Players had been demanding a pink knight in Castle Crashers for ages, and one was rumored to exist somewhere inside of the game, but only with the Pink Knight Pack can players acquire it for real. The pink knight is pink (obviously), covered in smooches, and has a heart on its chest. It wields a lollipop and destroys enemies with the power of love and rainbows.

The Pink Knight Pack also comes with 4 more new weapons in addition to the lollipop. Players can buy the pack for $1.99 on the PlayStation Network on February 8, 2011. As was previously said, all of Behemoth’s revenue from the Pink Knight Pack will go toward breast cancer research, fitting with the cause’s pink theme.

Though Castle Crashers is a relatively new addition to the PSN, it’ll still be getting the pack before the Xbox Live Arcade version. Behemoth says it is working on a title update that will also allow XBLA players to use the pink knight, but didn’t give a release date. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Source: PS Blog

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