Castle Crashers: Remastered Announced – Free to Owners of The Original


For a limited time only, you can pick up Castle Crashers: Remastered for free if you own the original title.

Castle Crashers was a fun little 4-player side-scroller in the vein of those old arcade classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Final Fight. Originally released back in 2008, it is starting to look a bit dated these days. Fortunately, developer Behemoth has just announced a Remastered edition, which for a limited time only will be available completely free-of-charge for any Xbox 360 owners who own the original title.

Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One will be $14.99 which is our usual cost of admission for this classic game baby. However…if you’ve previously owned Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, you shall receive our Thank-You-For-Saving-Our-Lives-That-One-Time special price of FREE THROUGH SEPTEMBER 20th with current Xbox Live Gold membership,” said Behemoth on its website.

After September 20th, you’ll still be able to get the remastered edition of the game for a discounted $5 if you own the original.

As for what the remastered edition consists of? Here’s the summary provided by Behemoth:

  • New multiplayer mini-game called Back Off Barbarian
  • Five times larger texture sizes than the original!
  • Twice the framerate of the original! (60 frames per second)
  • Performance updates, gameplay tweaks
  • Online multiplayer performance updates
  • Ability to find games easier and quicker online

Unfortunately, we didn’t hear if the remastered version would contain any of the paid DLC from the original, or if players would have to re-purchase it. We’ve reached out to Behemoth for clarification.

Castle Crashers Remastered launches exclusively on Xbox One on September 9, 2015. There’s no word on whether or not the remastered version of the game will come to any other platforms.

Source: Behemoth

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