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Castlevania Final Season Coming in May, Netflix Considering Spin-Off

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Deadline reports that the coming season 4 of Netflix’s Castlevania animated series will be the last. However, it may not be the last of the streamer’s forays into Konami’s dark fantasy universe, as Deadline adds that a Castlevania spin-off is a possibility.

That spin-off would take place in the same universe but follow an entirely new set of characters, according to the report. Lending legitimacy to the possibility, series director Samuel Deats retweeted the comment from Deadline’s article, hinting that Alucard may make a return via the statement, “Well, if you know the games you know Alucard’s around for quite a few centuries, so I wouldn’t count him out.” Netflix itself has not made any statement about the possibility of a Castlevania spin-off at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Castlevania season 4 is set to premiere on May 13. It will continue the story of Trevor Belmont and the small band of vampire hunters he had gathered to end Dracula’s reign of terror.

This final season suffered something of a setback after it was green-lit, with scriptwriter Warren Ellis accused of sexual misconduct and coercion by a group of more than 60 women. Ellis acknowledged that he had made mistakes but denied ever consciously acting in a predatory manner. By that point, the scripts for the fourth season had been completed, and Netflix announced that Ellis would not return if the series were to continue beyond that.

Castlevania has proven to be a hit for Netflix, attracting nearly 30 million viewers before the second season premiered in 2018, while the critical reception has also been generally strong.

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