CCP CEO Talks Interplay Between Dust 514 and EVE


Though its recently announced MMOFPS Dust 514 is planned to be a stand-alone game in its own right, CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson discussed how the game would intertwine with EVE‘s twisting interplanetary alliances.

When CCP unveiled MMOFPS Dust 514 at GamesCom earlier this month, many reacted with… well, confusion. The developers were adamant that this would be a game in its own right, but also held firm that it would take place in the constantly changing universe of EVE Online. But how would that be possible for two radically different games to play off of each other?

German blog Gamona caught up with CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson at GamesCom to talk about how the two games would interact, and it’s a very interesting watch. Says Petursson, Dust will be a MMOFPS with strategic elements in which players take on the role of a mercenary who can take jobs from people in EVE Online in order to help planetary conquest: As the space battles rage overhead for control of the planet, so too will the fight on the surface.

Given how ever-changing and volatile the system of alliances between corporations and players can be, it’ll be interesting to see how adding another element to the mix – FPS skill, and presumably another group of players who can backstab you – will shake things up. It’s certainly a tremendously ambitious concept, though I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the difficulties of the matter.

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