A few of the booth babes at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas speak out about how they’re treated by some men.

The term “booth babe” refers to a woman, usually pretty and/or scantily dressed, who is paid to stand outside a company’s booth at trade shows to lure men in so that they look at the products. These women are either hired through a model or event agency or have some kind of background in public relations. Despite the attention, or maybe because of it, the job of a booth babe isn’t all that great. How’d you like to stand for 10 hours with a smile plastered on your face and men staring at your body? The worst part are the men who think that just because a woman is paid to be pretty that they are an object that is fit to be manhandled. A few women from the Consumer Electronics Show tell their stories.

“It’s only had it one time when they tried to grab you,” said one woman. “Men say ‘Are those real?’ ‘No, they’re really paid for though.’ I kind of just do those comebacks. The worst is when they try to grab or [say] ‘Can I touch them?'”

Sometimes, the men are just ricetarded. “One guy came up to me and asked me if I knew where metal detectors were made. I said China,” one woman said. “Then he asked me if I knew where the ‘real’ metal detectors were made. I said no. He told me they were made in Russia. In addition, he told me that I could scratch his watch with a knife and that it wouldn’t scratch.”

“One guy told me pretty much his life story. How he imported a model from Spain, how she ended up not being the woman of his dreams, but he had already married her,” another woman said. “Then asked what I was doing later tonight.”

A woman from the Boxee booth said that she was trying to explain a videogame she was playing, Puzzle Quest, to another convention attendee. During her demonstration, the man kept holding her hand. “He was very nice but I was like, ‘Hey you know, when you do that, I can’t play my game, it makes it really difficult.’ And he said, ‘Yeah but this just makes me so horny.'”

Source: Gizmodo


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