CES: Meet Alienware’s Newest Tiny God of Laptops


Meet the Dell Alienware M11X: Its screen is under 11″, its price tag is under $1000, and it can run Crysis on high at 50 FPS.

I remember back in college, my friend Nick had an Alienware gaming laptop that he used to play the high-end games of the time like Far Cry and Half-Life 2. That thing was a beast – and it felt like one, too. It was huge and heavy and was “portable” in name only. But now, at CES, Alienware has unveiled the M11X, the antithesis of Nick’s old behemoth: It’s the size of a Netbook, but it has “the graphics power of a 15-inch laptop.”

With six hours of battery life (2 of hardcore gaming with a secondary Nvidia GPU that can be switched on without having to reboot), this little beast can run Crysis at 50 FPS on high at 720p resolution, and Call of Duty at 30 (CoD more taxing than Crysis, huh?). It also won’t break the bank if you decide to pick it up, reportedly costing less than $1000 – supposedly with specs maxed – when it hits stores within a month or so.

Gizmodo has a hands-on of the little beast – as well as some actual images of it being held and running, and not in a black featureless void with a simulated screenshot – from CES, and it sounds pretty killer, with ports and slots that belie its teeny tiny little framework.

Oops, will you look at that – I dropped my old laptop off the balcony down two stories onto concrete. Clumsy me. Guess I’m in the market for a new one!


· The Alienware M11x, the most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop in the universe – as easy to carry as it is powerful, making high-performance gaming accessible to all.

Alienware M11x
· The Alienware M11x demonstrates the graphics power of a 15-inch laptop in an 11-inch form factor
· Play all of your games and media, whether at home or away, at HD 720p resolution
· With the Alienware M11x, gamers can enjoy the feel of the gaming without compromise anywhere they go.


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