Unsents Sanctuary

Chapter 5 : Legend Of Borikenshin


Setting : Interior – Ageless Sanctuary – Main Chamber
Time: 5:15 am

As the sun rises atop the peaks of Mt. Noche the mysterious Shuyin rouses and prepares for the long and grueling day he undoubtly will face with his two new companions: Komi and Jafe.
As he looks out the window he sees Caniph’s night patrols make one last sweep of the area before retiring for the night, silently he curses them but goes about his buisness. as he exits the room he grabs the katana that Blaze gave him for the journey, it is a pretty decent blade for the way she described it and it should suit his needs sufficiently. he strapped it to his back and walked out of the door. He walked into Komi and Jafe’s room and proceeded to wake them up.

Shuyin – Komi! Jafe! Get up! Were late already!
I SAID NOW!!!!!!!!!

And with those final words the two immediatly leapt out of bed and got dressed in the wink of an eye.

Shuyin- Good.

Shuyin then proceeded to the main entry hall where he was greeted by Blaze.

Shuyin- you’re up early.

Blaze- yes……*yawn*…..i am.

Shuyin- well any special reason???

Blaze- Nope something told me right now would be the right time to be up so im up.

Shuyin- ah well in either case we shall leave as soon as your two dunderheads are ready.

Blaze- So soon?

Shuyin- Yes well this is time when the city guards switch shifts giving us ample time to bypass the guards around the entrance to Mt. Noche.

Blaze- i see youve given this some thought.

Shuyin- well i have had a lot of time to think about it. *rolls eyes*

At this point Blaze puts on a reluctant smile and begins to walk back to her room and at that moment a group of Caniph’s elite soldiers; The Onyx Vigils bursts thru the front door.

Soldier #1- alright dont anybody move, Master Caniph has demanded this place be torn down and all its inhabitants be sentenced to death

Shuyin looks at them for a moment then a grin appears on his face.

Shuyin- well you guys wont mind if i defend my self will you?

And with that sentence he attacks the man in front with a palm to the chest sending him hurtling thru the crowd of men. he acends into the air and performs a powerful spinning kick straight into the proceding soldiers neck which emitted a sickening crack as he hit the floor. as he spun around one man tried to immobilize him but Shuyin swept him off his feet and delivered a gut wrenching kick to the mans chest. As the group of men who were knocked down by the initial blow got up Shuyin proceeded to unsheath his blade, inviting the attack he began to twirl the blade in a motion so that anyone who came near would be slashed and hacked to bits. walking toward the group he got close to one and sliced off both his arms then as he got close to the next he stopped spinning the blade and got a glint in his eyes at which point he raised his eyebrow and shoved the blade straight thru one mans gut directly behind him. only one more remained now and he tried to flee but Shuyin grabbed him from behind and cut him a new souvineir to show his boss.

Shuyin- well that takes care of that.

He walked over to the man who initially spoke and lifted him off the ground.

Shuyin- Now, you were saying? Hey Blaze you got any ropes for this esteemed gentleman here?

Shuyin dropped him in a chari as Blaze brought over some ropes and tied him up.
Blaze was still caught in surprise, amazed at the way he dispatched 6 men so quickly and flawlessly.

Shuyin- Well we can question him when he wakes up.

Blaze- ………h…hhh……ho….hhhhoo..hhhhhhow…..

Shuyin- Later, right now i wanna know why Caniph is so interested in this place, and why this guy has this on him.

Shuyin reached into the mans pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a side view of a wolf with a crescent moon for an eye.

Shuyin- This is the medallion that i wore the day Amarin died. I havent seen it since that night. you see with this medallion it gives me the power the summon the mystical creatures that i have used to help fight my battles, The Lunar Wolf, Sofie , The Mystical Stallion, Evette , and finally The Courageous Hawk , Faith. The name of my medallion is Borikenshin, it was given to me by the people of the island of Boriken a long time ago. when i awoke and found myself all alone in the world i turned to their island for help and guidance but i found that Caniph had destroyed it and so that is another reason i go after him.

Blaze- why would they have your medallion though?

Shuyin- They must have undoubtly found it in the field where i was thrown from my last battle with Caniph. i already know they have my weapons so they must have picked this up as weli. He must have assumed i was here because i dont think he figured out how to use it yet. But how?? thats what we will find out when this one wakes up.

End Chpt 5

There it is hope you guys liked it and beg for more. LOL 🙂

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