Unsolicited Seclusion

The cause of many of todays problems is communication or for the purpose of this little article; miscommunication or lack thereof. Just look at the 14 year old pregnant girl in 8th grade or the crack addicted 12 yr old who thought it was cool to hangh with the big kids heck look at all the high school dropouts that feel they have no choice but to do so. these are all very real situations that happen and we find ourselves either looking down on them making fun of them or thinking we are better than them. there are so many kids out there who stay home by themselves or have parents who dont care anymore and they just choose to turn to drugs alcohol sex anything to get their mind off of the pain the loneliness and the awkward mments one has as they grow up. i know how that feels i have been alone almost all my life no one to talk to no one asking me how has your day or how are things going. its hard growing up by yourself . you spend most of your time trying to cope with the darkness and at times the darkness can consume you turning you into a monster something that people look down upon something like a 14 yr old pregnant girl or a 12 yr old crackhead or a high school dropout or a suicidal teenager. It is very depressing to wake upevery day to the same thing or to spend your day with a group of people aNd still feel alone to think that you are an outcast and try to fit in anyway possible. like i said it turns you into a monster and in truth changin into the monster is easy but changing back is extremely hard in fact im in the middle of it now…. what you have to do is face your demons and change your ways.

In closing remember these monsters come in all shapes and sizes and if your not careful you can help someone become one. next time you see someone who looks like they’re goin thru Unsolicited Seclusion —-> (Uncomfortable Loneliness) the best thing you can do is lean off of him and give them a break cuz believe me they need it.

Thank you for your attention and heed my words

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