Unsents Sanctuary

Mystery Revealed


Setting: interior, Ageless Sanctuary, STranger is sprawled on the floor with puddles of his crimson life emerging.

???-Quick get him to the bed in back Komi! Jafe get bandages and water.

K n’ J: Right away boss

*??? follows Komi to the back and quickly attends to the strangers wounds*

???: can you hear me? can you speak? what happened to you? if you can at all acknowledge me please do so.


???: Hes unconcious. weve done all we can lets wait for him to wake up. Well whatreya waiting for? go do what i told ya to do.

K n’ J: Okay Boss
What happened to me? Why does my head hurt? where am i? How did i get here? /#*%@/ No! NO! you’ll never taKE it! /#*%@/ What was that? Take what? Wait! i rememeber now!!!!!!!!

Stranger: i must go now

???: U are in no condition to go anywhere

Stranger: who are you and where am i?

???: U are in the Ageless Sanctuary and i am the proprietor. My name is Blaze, Blaze Kuri. I am quite concerned with what happened to you. All i know is that you fell through my door and i gave you care.

Stranger: Well Blaze for that i am grateful but as i said it is dangerousi must go i have already endangered your lives by being here. I must go *attempts to get up but falls back down* AHhhh the pain

Blaze: See now you cant go. Worry not traveler my men will protect us. Now who are you and what happened to you ?

Stranger: I cannot say for you are already in danger

Blaze:(in a softer tone) Please i need to know.

Stranger:What do you know of the Ancient Seers?

Blaze: You seem like someone i can confide in. come with me. * they go into another room Blaze pushing the stranger in a makeshift wheelchair* I have a document written by Amarin the Seer almost 600 years ago telling of a fierce godlike creature or man with phenominal power *Stranger blushes and looks away at this comment* and immense strength. She stated that we would have a need for him in the future. i believe that time is now. even though i have just recieved this message i have been on its trail for 8 yrs searching just for this document this closure.

Stranger: Very well, my name shall remain in secret until the end of my tale please do not interrupt me. wait until the end for any…..

Blaze: Questions? *Tehehehe*

Stranger: I also expect more of s serious tone from you. Well here goes my quest has been a perilous one one of torment despair and defeat. I have been trailing the murderer Caniph for some time now it is my belief that that man killed Amarin the Seer.

Blaze: But she died 600 yrs ago!

Stranger: DONT INTTERRUPT ME !!!!!!!!!!! I apologize but i warned you. NOw yes she was killed 600 yrs ago but there are facts in which have been overlooked by th human race for centuries. Amarin the Seer came from a long line of Ancient Royal Seer in fact she was the last remaining descendant of her people. What made this particular lineage important was that they could manipulate fate itself. so instead of predicting things to happen they would make things happen. So they werent seers at all they were the first ever documented Creators. They could not inflict strength nor could they ail with weakness. but they could prolong life or shorten it they could alos turn one into and immortal man for such a time. Now to continue my story i must tell you my name that way you do not become confused. My name is………….

End chpt 3
Want more??? CHpt 4 which is complete and coming soon

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