Check Out 15 Minutes of Prime Stop Motion Transformers Action


YouTube user Harris Loureiro has released a 15-minute stop motion Transformers video complete with Optimus Prime, Dinobots and Megatron.

Last year, YouTube user Harris Loureiro delivered a heaping dose of awesome with Attack on Giant, a four-minute stop motion short that pitted Optimus Prime (armed with the power of hair metal) against an army of plastic Decepticons. Not content to just rest on that accomplishment, he’s just recently released a new 15-minute video complete with a storyline, voice acting and all of the Transformers action figure violence fans could ever desire.

Simply dubbed Transformers Generation, it opens with Bumblebee and Wheeljack driving on patrol. The video quickly dives into action however, when the duo encounter a squad of Decepticons who immediately open fire on them. Both sides call for backup which, naturally, leads to a mass mecha battle complete with tons of lasers and some delightful old school audio effects that sound like they came straight from the original 1980s cartoon. As all things should, the video climaxes with the appearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron who engage in a bout of epic robot combat.

According to description on the video’s YouTube page, Transformers Generation took Loureiro a solid six months of work to complete using traditional stop motion mixed with digital effects. Most of the action figures were loaned to him by friends, several of whom also provided voice work. He based the video’s plot loosely on the 1986 animated movie, as well as the comic book storyline All Hail Megatron. He has plans to make a follow-up, but gave no indication as to when it will be completed.

Source: YouTube

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