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Journey to Un’Goro is going to drop later this week, and to help whet your prehistoric appetite, we’ve got a gallery filled with all the new (and unlockable) primordial flora and fauna cards. Get an early look at the Thunder Lizards, Elemental Minions, and Quest cards included in the fifth expansion to Hearthstone.

Journey to Un’Goro comes with a grand total of 135 new collectible cards. With the release date set for April 6th, 2017, the mighty prehistoric creatures of Un’Goro Crater bring a handful of never-before-seen mechanics to the card table, including the ability to Adapt, allowing minions to mutate and upgrade. Then there’s the Quest cards — spells that require certain conditions to be met before unlocking their special effects.

All Quest cards are legendary, and the megafauna minions included in Journey to Un’Goro are some of the most powerful Hearthstone cards yet. Evolve or die, and get an early look at the full deck below.

Un’Goro – All New Cards | Gallery

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon, we’ll add more cards to the complete list as they’re revealed.]

Un’Goro is about “megafauna”, creatures from the dawn of time that are infused with elemental power. The expansion includes three major new mechanics — Quests, Adaptation, and Elemental Minions. Let’s break down what Journey to Un’Goro brings to the table.

  • Quests are Legendary Cards that feature a reward when certain conditions are met. The conditions are different for each card, and only one card can be in play per hero.
    • What makes quest cards kinda special is that they’re (currently) the only legendary spells in Hearthstone. Otherwise, these cards are revealed like Secrets, and resolved like Maps.
  • Adaptation is a form of minion upgrade, allowing the player to “discover” a mutation that enhances your minion cards in a variety of ways. Now you can “adapt” to any situation, evolving to handle any threat on-the-fly.
    • All Adapts pull from the same pool of 10 adaptation cards. Adaptations can be stacked up to a total of 5.
  • In Un’Goro, ancient energies have formed a new type of minion; Elementals. Although Elemental Minions are new, older Elemental-type cards will benefit from all the new Elemental Synergies.

That about covers the basics you absolutely need to know about Journey to Un’Goro. Now browse through the gallery to find your favorite (or not so favorite) deck-building strategies.

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