Overwatch‘s newest hero, Orisa is now live on the game’s Public Test Realm.

Blizzard revealed that the next hero to join the ranks of its online shooter Overwatch would be a tank hero named Orisa. The developer went ahead and put her up on the game’s Public Test Realm right away, and we got to play around with her a bit and check out what she brings to the table.

First up, here are her three main abilities, Fortify, Halt!, and Protective Barrier, and her ultimate: Superchager.

Many of Orisa’s abilities drawn inspiration from existing Overwatch heroes. Protective Barrier functions very similar to Reinhart’s shield, only it is a static item and Orisa can still attack and perform other actions while it is up. It also has considerably less health – only 900 compared to Reinhart’s 2000.

Halt! is like a mini-Zayra ultimate, sucking in enemies near its detonation location for a split second, while Supercharger is like a Mercy damage boost on steroids, applying the same 50% damage increase to all friendlies within range.

Fortify is her only truly original ability, giving her a damage reduction buff and making her unstoppable – no Lucio boops, Roadhog hooks, or Zayra Graviton Surges will affect you!

Her main gun is a minigun, and just like the Team Fortress 2‘s heavy, Orisa will slow down while firing. The bullets shot from her gun are also projectiles with a travel time, and not hit-scan like Bastion’s minigun.

Finally, here are some images of all of her epic and legendary skins:

Whether or not she will join the ever elusive “meta” remains to be seen. On the surface, she seems like a suitable substitute for Reinhart – she has less defensive potential but is backed up with more offensive utility. Tanks (with the exception of Winston) are already in a pretty strong place in Overwatch so she has a lot of competition.

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