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Fallout 4 is packed with unique locations and landmarks, but certain interesting spots don’t appear on your Pip-boy map. One such spot is the nefarious, trap-filled parking lot maze. Learn all about this dangerous dungeon right here.

Anyone that’s spent time in the post-apocalyptic Boston metro area of Fallout 4 knows that there are unmarked landmarks all over the place. Every once in awhile, an unmarked location is more interesting than any of the fast-travel points on your map. This spooky funhouse maze, built into an old parking ramp, is one of the strangest spots in all of Fallout 4. Give it a look for yourself, or scroll down to see what notable loot you’ll find for checking the area out.

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Unmarked Parking Lot Maze Guide

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The Parking Lot maze is found at the center of the Commonwealth, connected to Fallon’s Department Store and the Milton General Hospital. The area of Milton is south of the Boston Metro. The area is easy to spot from far away, and Fallon’s gives off a radio signal.

Several random quests will send you to Fallon’s — the Brotherhood of Steel will send you here for a ‘Cleaning the Commonwealth’ mission.

The Parking Lot is connected to both of the locations, but the entrance through the underground ramp door. This strange maze features tons of traps, so let’s go over all the steps you need to complete the area.

How to Survive the Parking Lot Maze

Note: Sneaking perks will help! Putting perk points into the Sneak skill will make it so you don’t set off mines or trip-wires while sneaking.

Enter through the first floor door and follow the large arrows to navigate the complex maze. There are Feral Ghouls and traps everywhere, so be on the lookout.

  • Go to the gate controls after passing mannequins. Press the left and right switches to get through.
  • Follow the signs to a fork. Go left and avoid the trip wires and trap scales.
  • Now upstairs, stay close to the exterior walls of the parking lot and watch for more traps until you reach a painted symbol resembling ‘XXX’ — go left and through the interior halls.
  • At the third floor, move to the exterior walls and follow the windows, moving left and taking care of the Ferals.
  • Past the Glowing One, you’ll reach the fourth floor ramp. Sneak past the traps and look for a room with three mystery doors. Only enter Door #2!
  • Continue forward, past the Dead End signs, to find a living area with some notable loot.

That’s how you survive the Parking Lot Maze! Let’s go over your rewards.

Parking Lot Maze – Notable Loot

Hot Rodder (Magazine): Found in the small living area with the workbench. This magazine adds a perk that increases Agility when all Power Armor pieces are painted the same color.

Down the path to the living area, continue forward instead of turning right to find two cages with Question-Mark buttons. You can only open one of these cages to get loot. Pressing the button to open one cage causes an explosion that blows up the loot in the other cage.

The Left Door contains a weapon crate, a Mini Nuke, a Combat Armor Helmet and four fusion cores. The Right Door contains a Chem Box, two First Aid boxes, Jet, two Radaways, Psycho, and a Steamer Trunk loot box.

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