Believe it or not, this movie tie-in game doesn’t look too bad.

It feels like it was just last week when Konami revealed that it would be publishing a tie-in game for the movie Battle: Los Angeles. Oh, wait, it was. Well, guess what? Konami’s released a trailer for the game, as well as some release details, and it looks like this game might just be better than gamers expect tie-ins to be.

Battle: L.A., it turns out, isn’t going to be available in stores. Instead, the game is coming to Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network. Based on the trailer, it looks like this will be an FPS title that casts players as soldiers fighting off the alien invasion of Los Angeles. Environments look like standard post-apocalyptic urban scenarios, though one sequence shows what appears to be an alien spaceship. A couple of scenes showcase destructible surroundings, too, but it isn’t entirely obvious just how interactive the game’s environments actually are.

Visually, Battle: L.A doesn’t look terrible, though it’s hard to tell how solid the visuals are based on how little is actually on display. Presumably there will be a multiplayer feature involved in the game, but that hasn’t been revealed yet; neither has a price point nor specific release date. Currently, the game is due out sometime this month, probably close to the film’s March 11th opening. Hopefully the game will good, but previous tie-ins leave me cautious at best.

Source: The HD Room

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